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Let us tell you about the Simpsons – a common family from a small city Springfield. There are five of them: a father – Homer, a mother – Marge, two daughters – Lisa and Maggie, and a son – Bart. But this family looks common only at first glance and our the Simpsons porn pics will show you all the ins and outs!

Lisa is a nice and pretty blonde babe. But in fact she is a rather bitch! She fucks with every guy that she knows, sometimes just for fun, sometimes out of pity, and sometimes because she craves for a huge cock in her hole and cannot stand any more. She does it even with her teachers, because she is ready for anything to get a good mark. On our Lisa Simpson porn pics you can see this horny teen giving head in WC, having DP outdoor, posing on the table, caressing her wet pussy and much more. And her brother Bart and his best friend Milhouse Van Houten are not excluded from Lisa Simpson xxx adventures either!

Milhouse is in love with Bart's elder sister, but she always turned down him before. But then she found one thing that was very much to her taste. The deal is that Milhouse is a very amenable and shy guy and he needs to be in command of somebody. So, since then, his and Lisa Simpson sex came at a new level. Also she got to know that the best friend of her brother is limp-wristed. And we have a special set of comics with Lisa Simpson nude, masturbating on crazy Bart and Milhouse porn games.

And what about the parents? Daddy Homer loves his wife very much, but he tired of her many years ago. So, Homer and Marge Simpson porn pics are very rare. But don't worry, we have them too! But sex between husband and wife is not embarrassing nowadays. The Simpsons porn pictures that is of the most interest is Homer and Lisa porn ones. Look how a very respectable and an exemplary citizen Homer fucks his daughter Lisa into her every hot and wet young hole, while his wife and her mom, a common housewife, cooks dinner behind the wall!

The Simpson porn story is the longest in the world. The first one was written in 1983. Springfield City and its citizens are waiting for you! We suggest you to enjoy the story from the very outset till the end, because our Simpsons porn gallery contain all of them. Join The Simpsons xxx games lovers! Settle yourself comfortable – the show is beginning!

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